Community Groups

This film was created by the Karen Youth Group under the guidance of Bendigo Community Health Services case worker and youth group co-ordinator Nay Chee Aung who has long held an ambition to produce such a resource.

Editing and production of this film was an interesting challenge as it was recorded in first language of the Karen youth. The use of interpreting during the editing stage meant that I had to let go of control and put my trust in the bilingual worker I was editing the film with.

Creating this film was a great opportunity to meet some of the wonderful young people starting their new lives in Australia. It was a pleasure to be a part of this camp and to create this film to promote the great work of the Settlement Services team at Bendigo Community Health Services.

It was so inspirational to work with these young entrepreneurs and showcase the amazing work being done by the National Hands Network.

This group were very nervous about being filmed but once we began, they soon relaxed into the process and commented afterward how much they enjoyed it. They were very happy and proud of themselves when they saw the final result.

In 2016, I attended the youth education camp and created a film of the event. In 2017, I returned to the camp, however this time, I guided three of the participants to create their own film of the camp. They were very quick learners and recorded some great footage which I used to create this film. Congratulations Ali, Fazeleh, Mojtaba and Paw Nay for creating the content for this film.

This film was created as a result of a great program run through the Bendigo Community Health Service Settlement Services, providing road safety interventions for people with refugee background.

Animated Messages

Sometimes the best way to get a message across is to use animation. 

Stories to Promote Change

Working with this incredibly resilient and determined young lady to tell her story was a real honour. Her purpose was to work with the Victorian Workcover Authority and Transport Accident Commission to add dancesport to the list of rehabilitation activities based on her experience.

It is a privilege to work alongside the MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) Officers as they work hard to establish better ways for us to take care of our waterways and keep litter in its right place.

When the City of Monash host the Chinese New Year Festival, the MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) Officers are there to uncover all the wonderful tips they use to tackle the issue of waste and keep litter in its right place

Biography Films

Each of us has a unique, valuable and important life story. The opportunity to tell your own life story has very rewarding outcomes:

  • Stronger feeling of self identity and self esteem
  • Provide a record of your history, culture and beliefs
  • Educate others of your personal perspective
  • Preserve the memory of your personality post-illness
  • Assist support workers to provide person-centered care
  • Build social connectivity through shared experiences

It was humbling to hear the Major reflect on the good and bad times after joining the Army apprentices at the age of 16 and then serving in the Australian Army for 40 years.

"I always gave my mother a kiss goodbye...I knew she'd notice that". When I heard this comment during our interview, it took me back to my childhood. I too, couldn't leave home without giving my mother a kiss goodbye. It's interesting how some things don't change.

Music Videos

"Bring your gear and meet us in town" they said. "We've got some ideas" they said. "It'll be fun" they said. They were right!
Another great day filming with this fun crew gave me plenty of images to play with for their recording of Non Cents.
Non Cents is the second release off the Blunderbuss EP "Ready, Aim, Fire!" which can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and more.

The brief for this music video was simply be creative and have fun with fire. So that's exactly what I did and the musicians were very happy with the result. Fire! is the first release off the Blunderbuss EP "Ready, Aim, Fire!" which can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and more.

Event Promotion

Creating a promotion of your event provides an insight into the product you have to offer and encourages exhibitors and participant attendance.